PBDC are Looking to Diversify their Holdings Into New Investment Territory

New energy and focus are being funneled into expanding the OCN development corporation’s portfolio of investments.


We’re investing in growth markets.

Our goal is to manage a portfolio of investments with acceptable risk that provide a minimum annual return of 10% over the next 5 years. 


Arctic Beverages

Paskwayak LP was created for the OCN investment in Arctic Beverages, which started as a Pepsi bottler in 1991, and now has a customer base that stretches deep into Northern Manitoba, portions of Northern Saskatchewan, North-western Ontario and Nunavut.


National Access Canabis

Momentum is building especially for First Nations like OCN who moved early into the cannabis retail market. National Access Cannabis (NAC), through its retail arm META, continues to expand its consumer-direct reach across Canada, thanks in no small part to OCN and PBDC efforts. Our nation is the biggest single shareholder through our subsidiary Paskwayak NAC Investment Limited Partnership


Trichome Financial

Trichome is a specialty finance company focused on providing flexible and creative capital solutions to the global legal cannabis market. It was created to address the lack of credit availability in the large, growing and increasingly complex cannabis market.  PBDC holds an important position in the company.