February 24, 2020

New Corporate Focus Sets the Table for Real Growth in OCN Community

Bold new ventures and other ideas whose time has come to take the spotlight are being leaned-on to grow PBDC revenues to nearly $33M (+9.6%) by 2023.

“Change is always a challenge, which is why we’re building a working culture that bravely embraces new opportunities and strives to continuously improve,” says Ginger Martin, CEO of PBDC.  “Only by constantly learning and striving to be better can we possibly hope to realize the full potential that our ancestors envisioned.”

PBDC is actively pursuing new opportunities in heavy industry, manufacturing, land leasing, aerospace, agriculture and tourism-all industries where OCN can claim a significant competitive advantage.  More and better-paying jobs are expected and will give our people even more reason to stay and take an active part in rebuilding our nation.

“Our strongest competitive advantage rests in our youth,” adds CEO Martin.  “They are the true source of our future progress and independence.  With so many young people looking for opportunities and hungry for change, PBDC will be actively reaching out to schools and to our community with programs that will bring forward a new generation of young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and new energy.”